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england (+372 5319 2211)


  • Whapsapp:+372 5319 2211
  • Viber:+372 5319 2211


  • COB (Come on Baby)
  • Foot Fetish
  • COF (Come on Face)
  • Erotic Massage


  • Age:23
  • Hair Color:Black
  • Height:1.70
  • Nationality:Czech
  • Weight:53


  • 1 Hour:250 €
  • 2 Hour:350 €
  • 3 Hour:500 €
  • 6 Hour:1000 €


Krina hits the gym whenever she gets time and has got an athletic build her friends appreciatively envy. Thanks to her constant striving for getting a perfect body shape, you can find in Krina a sporty girl who is naughty and full of beans. The indomitable energy of this Istanbul girl is what her clients get most attracted to. Hailing from Adana, Krina is a typical Turkish girl who is a little bashful but can become a very good friend in due course. You can expect her at the virgin beaches of Istanbul during weekends, bikini-clad and taking a sun bath. Krina loves surfboarding and paragliding and you can take the basic lessons of seaside activities from her, at no extra cost.

Krina is adventurous and is always game for trying newer things. She knows Istanbul bars and late-night joints like the back of her hand and can accompany you to these places. Krina has also worked as a city guide for a few months, but she found it more enjoyable to hang out with the tourists in private. She is also knowledgeable about Istanbul carnivals and fetes and will enthusiastically chaperon you to such entertainment junctions if you request her. This curvaceous blonde knows how to reinvigorate weary travelers and has got a super-sexy body with pleasing curves and nice, long legs. Krina is just 23 now and is a charming university girl who has started learning to belly dance of late.

Krina speaks English, Spanish and Turkish. She is a music buff and you may find her at Babylon Bar in the evening. She is also a food junkie and makes great dishes as well. Krina has accompanied many clients of different nationalities and she has travelled many parts of Turkey in her career as an Istanbul escort. She loves to hang out with men who are chivalric and can treat her like a real woman.

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  • james

    We hugged cuddled and kissed each other. I saw sara approaching towards me wearing a sexy sari. She had then revealed her body partially and the other portions were left for me to be explored.

  • deen

    sara was my first escort date and I have to say I was blown in my mind by her resourcefulness.

  • Patrick Que

    My demands were a little unusual but I must say I was totally overwhelmed by Sarra and her skills. She pleased me quite well and fulfilled all my requests and fantasies. Wish to spend many more amazing nights with her in future.

  • Carl Sagon

    I’ve had meetings with escorts before but Sara is truly an out of the league experience. All I can say is that her body is a wonderland. Find out yourself.


    I’m so glad I met you sara kiss kisssss