Client Etiquettes to Mind on an Escort Meet

Escort agencies in Istanbul are as banal as bazaars and spice shops. While that is good because of the choices aplenty they bring with them, it can also be quite confusing. However, once past the confusion, when you have found the right Turkish escorts to book a date with, there come a host of other things to worry about. First timers and even experienced clients often take such meetings for granted and their mannerisms turn out to be too lackadaisical for a date with a lady. If you do not want to offend the lady and be at the receiving end of half-hearted efforts, then follow some golden rules of treating a woman.

Dress Up Decently
Do not let the fact that you are paying for your date to get to your head too much. Treat it like an ordinary date and you will get your manners right. Dress like you are going to be on a romantic date, and not meeting a pal from the neighborhood. You do not have to get in your best tux, but at least do not appear in shorts and a rag-like T-shirt. Be casual, but not rudely so.

Hold the Door, Pay the Bill
Do not forget that you are dealing with a lady here. Istanbul escorts mostly come from erudite families and they are treated with utmost respect and reverence. If you are expecting to have a great time, you have to give them good time. Hold the door as she enters the car, or hold out your hand as she gets out of the car, take her coat as she walks in and advance the chair for her to sit. These little gestures have immense returns as you would find out later.

Don’t Forget to Thank Sincerely for Coming
Whether it’s a party or a date, do not forget to tell her if you had a good time. Thank her for joining you and that is a good way of showing gratitude for her services. Do not hesitate to compliment her on her looks and do it earnestly. These show of appreciation sometimes is a lot more rewarding than the money itself.