Don´t Ask An Escort Such Stupid Questions

When it comes to hiring call girls in Istanbul, there are just some things that you do and do not say to them. So when it comes to talking to them, there may very well be some burning questions that you may want to ask, so whatever you do, do not ask them, so here is just a few things that you should never say to a female escort. Many professional escorts have been asked many things that did not want to be asked but as usual you can’t stop someone from asking those terrible or horrible questions, which you really do not want to answer.

Not only do the escorts in Istanbul find it disrespectful but they also find it hurtful and needless. Yes there are things we all want to
know or say but there are some things that are better left unsaid. It is not just that though, when it comes to certain things clients just do not need to know everything.

Type of Wrong Questions

So here are some of the awful things that escorts have been asked and wished they hadn’t.What is your name really? Now why would you think for one minute that an escort is going to tell you what her real name is, that is all part of the mystic and excitement of it. Asking this question may get people wondering why you wish to know, and that may not be a good thing for you.

How much do you get paid an hour? This makes you like an idiot that you would have to ask.

Asking the escort if any of her family or friends are escorts too, in America they call it turning a trick, you can imagine what you would be told if you asked the woman some thing like that.

Telling the escort that you have never paid for sex. If it just so happens to be mentioned during conversation then there isn’t much that can be done about it, but to make a point of saying it is an insult.

Asking the escort if she hates men. What a thing to say, now take your foot out of your mouth! Just because the woman chooses to be a prostitute does not mean that she hates all men and has an issue with them. Escorts have feelings too.

More Questions You Don’t Ask

What about your family do they know what you do for a living? If you ask this question, are you trying to say there is nothing to or about this woman other than the fact that she is an escort?

You are articulate? Are most escorts meant to be thick, or not very bright? Oh how wrong you are, many women who have been escorts are now very wealthy due to getting into the business in other ways.

Do I have to wear that then? A condom is the first line of defence and no escort with a brain in her head is going to allow a client to go bare back, the escorts health is too important, and so should yours be too.