Escort Agency Terms and Conditions

We do not need to be told about privacy, that is one of the things that our clients are happy with and we have a reputation for providing clients with what they want, the services that many of them want will be kept secure and none of their personal information will ever be seen by anyone else other than the company who retains it. We need our clients to have high expectations of us and so we have to live up to that. Anything that goes on between the client, the agency and the escort is all kept confidential and that is why we have terms and conditions that need to be followed and understood. If we are involved in anything negative then that could jeopardise our clients and our future in the escorting business.

Guidelines Are General

Our operations are discreet and we operate a confidentiality policy. The reason for the terms and conditions is so that any transactions go smoothly and also efficiently. Because we are better than our competition and our reputation proves this. None of our clients have to worry about their personal privacy being disclosed and all the services we offer are of the best quality, and you will see this if you book one of our escorts.


All the services that we have to offer are completely genuine, everything you see on our website is 100% real. With the need for accuracy and safety we can also offer clients services and escort availability but we must make you aware that at any time they may change, we still stand by what we say and our clients need are dealt with quickly. If an escort neglects her job then we will provide the client with another escort, she will be focused on what her job is and she will not let you down or us the agency for a second time. Our services are second to none and our main concern is the standard we provide and the treatment of the client.


Payment for any escort is made in advance. Once we have received payment we will ensure that the escort of your choice will provide a first class service. For us to send an escort to you, all payments that are due need to be paid in advance. This avoids confusion on anyone’s part and both parties will be happy as they will be no need to mention payment.

Escorts and Services

The escorts are hand picked because of the very high standards we the agency have. All of the escorts will have certain qualities about them, they will all be intelligent, charming, captivating, open minded, well educated and be an interesting women in herself. All information on the escorts is up to date and accurate. You woman you see is the woman you will get. The escorts only offer companionship and nothing else, but if you the clients so wishes to engage in other activities then that is a matter for the client and the escort, the reason we say this is because the agency has a reputation to up hold and we do not want it reflecting on the company.

Refunds and Cancellations

If you make a booking, please remember that if you wish to cancel it then it needs to be done within a minimum of 2hours or less before your appointment with the escort. You must call the agency in order to cancel and speak to our customer service representatives who will make sure that your cancellation requested is completed. Then the necessary procedure can be followed discreetly. You will have to pay for transportation costs and cancellation fee if you do not cancel in enough time. If for any reason you are entitled to a refund then we will go through the correct procedure to find out if this is the case and you will be treated fairly. This just ensures that both parties are treated fair and the result is a just one.