Privacy Policy

This is a critical issue for many escort agencies, with the need for privacy and security as their number one concern, and this is the one thing that you the client will never have to worry about. Your privacy, security, is assured and all transactions are all secure and discreet. But it is not just the clients that need privacy, the escorts also need it too and we have to make that another concern of our as well. With the escorts providing discretion when it comes to the services that they have to offer. So not only do we protect the clients we also protect the escorts too. So you are feeling lonely and yet you want to have some fun with an escort. Well worry no more, at the escort agency we will make sure that discretion is paramount and we will give you solutions for your needs but also making sure that you are protected and so to is your privacy. No transaction will be anything more than secure and extremely discreet, client privacy is maintained at all times.

When it comes to making enquiries, this is also secure and privacy is once again upheld. All information which is kept by the agency is handled in a professional manner and no one other than members of staff employed by the agency will ever get to see it. It makes no difference whether you made the enquiry online or over the phone, any information that is retained will be secure. Clients when they contact the agency about an escort, will have to provide all the relevant information that we need for our records, these things will include, name, contact information, address and anything else that is related in any other way. The personal information is always kept on the businesses premises and will never leave the building no matter what. All information is kept and used purely on a business bases and is always kept discreet. If at any point we need to use the clients details we will contact the client first and ask them for their permission. The same rules apply for any information that the agency holds on any of the female escorts that work for the agency. None of their information will be used unless they have given the agency permission to use it.

Their details will never leave the premises and all their personal information is protected by the Data Protection Act of 1988. This applies to any details acquired either online or offline and it also applies to conversations as well. Any information which is collected by the agency, and is personal will be used to help match clients to prospective escorts and this also gives the agency a better understanding of what their clients needs are. It is also used as a matching service and all data that is collected, is personal and private. No one else will get to see this data other than the members of staff who are part of the client escort matching service.