Prostitutes And HIV

Prostitutes And HIV Are you under some illusion that becoming a sex worker is the right choice, seriously? Well if you think that doing this profession is a way of getting rich extremely quickly then you may just have to think again, because you will not. Yes of course it is fast money and easy money and it is cash in your hand, but no sooner do you earn it then you are spending it, and this is the problem. Women are too interested in spending the money almost as soon as they make it and so you need to sleep with more men in order to keep the life you have made for yourself. But just because you are female escort girls offering a service that all men want at some time, does not mean that work is guaranteed everyday of the week, so learning to save the money would be the better option. It is the same as working in massage parlours and dungeons, you are in there for six hours and you may not get any work until then, and this means that you do not really make any money, if you add it all up together.

Making The Right Choices
There are more prostitutes or hookers that hate their job, than escorts that do, and that is no surprise really. Because of the job and what it generally entails, you will make choices that are wrong and possibly harmful to you but no matter what you will take the choice to do it, like having unprotected sex for money. You will more than likely meet a guy who sounds untrustworthy on the phone, or seeing too many men in one evening. For the women who do enjoy this job, many of them will be very highly sexed and need this kind of profession to subdue their needs and this is the only way in which she can satisfy herself. You may find that meeting new people is interesting and something else you enjoy doing.

Safe Sex
It has been found that prostitutes are less likely to contract HIV than normal everyday women, the rate is so much slower, because of their need to follow safe sex, they are also the ones who should be promoting safe sex as well as they know all about it and what it can mean to contract it. When women are playing with their lives for their profession anyway, not being careful when it comes the sexual side of things is something they will not compromise on. But there are many prostitutes that will take the offer of $3000 just to go bareback and also risk their health at the same time. If you are going to play this kind of game with your life then do not be surprised if one day you find out that you have HIV and then when it is too late you will realise just how important your life really is.