What Kinds of Fantasies Escorts Play in Role Play Encounters?

One can easily get bored with common types of sex activities like everything else. So, it is vital for the one to keep it as pleasing and exciting as possible by using fantasies. If you want to fulfill your deepest fantasies with an Istanbul Escorts and you are done with all the boring ways of lovemaking and want to know what next in sexual activities, consider role play with an Istanbul escort. As the name suggests, an escort and her client dress up in different costumes and gain true sexual pleasure with fun and entertainment. Here are some of the common fantasy roles one can play out in role play: By the way you can check our Roleplay Escort Magda.

Every guy has a dream to play a knight with a shiny armor and serve his damsel in distress who is throwing herself on his arms and give the best sexual pleasure of his life. You can do that in the privacy of your hotel room with your escort and you will definitely enjoy this role. You can complement it with sexy costumes worn by both you and the escort to double the sensual pleasure.

Nurse and Patient
It is another common role one can play and it is very popular. These escorts really dress up in a sexy and small nurse costume and sex starts when she tries to test her patient. She will give you the unimaginable pleasure with sexual encounters. These girls in trying out different methods to give the real porn star experience. You can find ultimate gratification with her and get something nice and pleasurable.


Victorian setting is another popular fantasy for you. Girls were shy and they were barred to try out sex in the Victorian era. If coy girls are your fantasy that gradually opens up, it is the best role for you. Your girl will dress up in Victorian dress who wants to seduce you and you will have more fun with her.


As sadistic as it sounds, this role play session involves punishment to the sinner. It is another popular role playing area for you. You will dress in black and punish your partner. She will confess her sin. It is very erotic and deep as most men really lose themselves in their roles. It is one of the best parts of BDSM pleasure.


It is another most common area for role play. It covers the use of tools like handcuffs, whips, nipple clamps, and others. Men love to play istian Grey to try out the new side of sensuality.